University Strategic Plan

Beginning in 2014, Penn State leadership, lead by Provost Nick Jones, began work on a University-wide Strategic Plan that set a vision and priorities for the time period of 2016-2020; on March 21, 2019, the University Board of Trustees voted unanimously to extend the plan through 2025. 

Strategic Priority: Enhancing Health

Penn State will be a leader in promoting quality of life through comprehensive approaches to enhancing personalized and population health, achieved through a commitment to and investment in relevant research, education, clinical practice, and outreach.

The Strategic Plan includes five Thematic Priorities, strategic areas of focus that embody existing and emerging strengths and opportunities, which were identified during Penn State’s planning process. Each represents a breadth and depth of expertise and interest across multiple Penn State units where the University is well positioned (with continued commitment and strategic investment of resources) for profound and measurable contributions.

The Executive Committee overseeing the implementation of the Enhancing Health Thematic Priority of the University Strategic Plan is comprised of UHSC leadership (the Executive Committee members are listed here.)

We use the term “personalized health” in a holistic fashion, to include all aspects of health (including physical, mental, and emotional health, among others), while “population health” refers to the health outcomes of groups of individuals (such as people at a workplace or the population of a U.S. state, a nation, or geographic region).


Advance Discovery in Personalized and Population Health:

Penn State will be a leader in collaborative, interdisciplinary research on personalized and population health, with robust activities ranging from basic to applied science. It will include research on social contexts and social determinants of health, and how they intersect with biological determinants of health. Inspiring work by faculty across our colleges will provide vital direction.

Create Innovative Academic Programs in Personalized and Population Health:

Penn State will create innovative, interdisciplinary, and joint professional-graduate and postgraduate programs that focus on personalized and population health. Research and graduate education go hand in hand. A vibrant cadre of scholars engaged in interdisciplinary research in this area will help to unite faculty from different academic units and campuses around the themes of personalized and population health and facilitate the creation of curricular options focused on both.

Build Synergistic Partnerships to Influence Population Health:

We will increase Penn State’s engagement as a partner across the Commonwealth in improving health care and health-related outcomes. An ongoing, collaborative relationship will help address Pennsylvania’s health-related challenges, including childhood obesity and community health disparities, and drive analysis of state health data and translation of research findings into public education programs, outreach, and best practices.

Facilitate Wellness within the Penn State Community:

Because our University is only as strong as its people, we will invest in innovative, multi-pronged, institution-wide health initiatives that inspire faculty, staff, and students to focus proactively on their physical, mental, and emotional wellness. The effort across all Penn State campuses will encourage faculty, staff, and students alike to pursue recommended preventive health care services and educate them about behaviors (such as physical activity, healthy eating and drinking, smoking prevention and cessation, and stress management) that experts agree promote health and prolong life.

Inform Governmental Health Policy:

Evidence-based health policy is essential for effective efforts to enhance the health of individuals and populations. Penn State will lead in conducting policy-relevant health research and in training public health practitioners who understand the importance of evidence for public health policy and practice.



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